The management of Afrisearch Limited believes that customer (client) satisfaction is an important key to the success of our business. This message is cascaded throughout the company. Trust, Honesty and Research Ethics encompass many of our beliefs and for your own peace of mind we have implemented the following and will endeavor to: -Be polite, friendly and courteous -Maintain a high standard of professionalism -Carry cooperative and flexible attitudes -Acknowledge concerns/ Positive criticism -Be informative -Listen to feedback

Afrisearch Limited rides on a platform which drives brand engagement and visibility. We have developed a number of unique methodologies that allow you to reach the right target market for your growth & Strategy. Our Consumer Research also help different markets to monitor and track brand performance through:
a) Qualitative Research - Ethnography & Home Immersions, In-depth Interviews & Focus Group Discussion
b) Quantitative Research - Face to face interviews; pen & paper, Mobile Data Collection (MDC), Online surveys (web & mobile app) , Telephonic interviews and mobile sms surveys
c) Marketing Activation We take your brands directly to end users, the whole idea is to create brand visibility and drive the targeted sales through face to face mall Activations, Online Activation and SMS Activation
d)Business Advisory & Consultation: Afrisearch Consulting strategy and operations practice works with Industry players to help them solve their toughest and most complex problems by bringing an approach to executable strategy that combines deep industry knowledge, rigorous analysis, and insights to confident action.